PIT-INSP-04- Pipeline

1. Installation / equipment identification data: Pipes
2. Type of inspection:
Technical inspection in use
Technical inspection in use after repair
Technical inspection to authorize operation
3. Inspection / test / verification methods according to:
3.1 Inspection procedure: PIT-INSP-04
3.2 Technical prescription: PT C 6/2010
4. Inspection / verification / testing facilities and equipment specific to each type of installation / equipment provided by the owner / maintainer (weights whose mass can be determined with metrologically verified measuring instruments)
5. Inspector security requirements: PG-INSP-16, specific OSH and SU requirements.
6. Inspection activities:
I. Preliminary checks
6.1. Technical documentation, etc.
II. Technical checks
6.2. External verification
6.3. Checking safety devices / safety valves
6.4. Hydraulic pressure test / Pneumatic pressure test
6.5. Tightness test
7. Elaboration of the Inspection Report