PIT INSP 07 Means of fire protection

1. Name of installation / equipment: Lifting equipment for fire-fighting and rescue

2. Type of inspection:
Technical inspection in use
Technical inspection in use after repair
Technical inspection to authorize operation

3. Inspection / test / verification methods:
3.1 Inspection procedure: PIT-INSP-07
3.2 Technical prescription: PT R 1/2010

4. Inspection / verification / testing facilities and equipment specific to each type of installation / equipment provided by the owner / maintainer (weights whose mass can be determined with metrologically verified measuring instruments).

5. Inspector security requirements: PG-INSP-16, specific OSH and SU requirements.

6. Inspection activities:
I. Preliminary checks
6.1. Technical documentation, mandatory installation notice, registers, etc.
II. Technical checks
6.2. Load-bearing structure
6.3. Electrical operating system
III. Technical tests
6.5. Attempts in vain
6.6. Tests in pregnancy
6.7. Other checks and tests according to the technical documentation.

7. Preparation of the Inspection Report