CNCIR understands the importance of respecting the principle of transparency and will provide any information that may be of interest, in accordance with the legislation in force, respectively Law no. 544/2001, the implementing rules (GD 123/2002), as well as the Law on the reuse of information from public institutions.

Requests for non-communicated information ex officio

If there are requests for non-communicated information ex officio, the person responsible for receiving the requests based on Law no. 544/2001 is:

 Simionescu Mircea Alexandru – Head of Public Relations and Mass Media

Please use the following forms

Complaint forms

Refusal to request

Failure to answer within the statutory deadline

Categories of documents produced and/or managed according to the law:

  • Decisions
  • Authorizations
  • Certificates
  • Reports
  • Attestations
  • Minutes according to the activities regulated by the annex no. 2 to Law no. 64/2008.

Annual report of application of Law 544/2001


Ethical code

Ethical code of the personnel within CNCIR S.A.

 Report of the 2018 Code of Ethics

Integrity plan of CNCIR S.A.

Download the integrity plan


Declaration on adherence to the fundamental values, principles, objectives and monitoring mechanism of the 2016-2020 National Anticorruption Strategy.

Useful links:

Government Ordinance no. 27/2002 regarding the regulation of the activity of solving the petitions

National Anticorruption Strategy

Evaluation sheet of law implementation no. 544/2001 in 2018

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