PIT-INSP-07 Auto-lifting platforms

 Installation/equipment identification data: Crane rolling, Portal cranes

  1. Inspection Type:

Technical inspection in use

Technical inspection in use after repair

Technical inspection to authorize operation

  1. Inspection/testing/verification methods according to:

3.1 inspection procedure: PIT-INSP-07

3.2 Technical prescription: PT R 1/2010 și PT R 3/2010.

  1. Inspection/verification/testing facilities and equipment specific to each type of installation/equipment provided by the holder/maintainer (metrologically verified measurement and monitoring equipment)
  2. Inspector PG-INSP-16 safety requirements, SSM and SU specific requirements
  3. Inspection activities:
  1. Preliminary checks

6.1. Technical documentation, surveillance registry, etc.

  1. Technical checks

6.2. Free passage gauges and safety spaces

6.3. Load-bearing structure

6.4. Electric operating system

III. Technical tests

6.5. Empty trials

6.6. Tests in load

6.7. Other checks and tests according to the technical documentation

  1. Preparation of the inspection report