PIT-INSP-06 LPG containers

  1. Installation/equipment identification data: LPG containers
  2. Inspection Type:

Technical inspection in use

Technical inspection in use after repair

Technical inspection to authorize operation

  1. Inspection/testing/verification methods according to:

3.1 inspection procedure: PIT-INSP-06

3.2 Technical prescription: PT-C8/2010, PT C7/2010

  1. Inspection/verification/testing facilities and equipment specific to each type of installation/equipment provided by the holder/maintainer (metrologically verified measurement and monitoring equipment)
  2. Inspector PG-INSP-16 safety requirements, SSM and SU specific requirements
  3. Inspection activities:
  1. Preliminary checks

6.1. Technical documentation, mandatory installation notice, registers, etc.

  1. Technical checks

6.2. Internal inspection – internal check

6.3. Internal inspection – external check

6.4. Hydraulic pressure test

6.5. Pneumatic sealing test

6.6. Checking the safety devices/safety valves

  1. Preparation of the inspection report