Press release on CNCIR day - December 8, 2022

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,,Now,at our 12th anniversary of CNCIR we share the same enthusiasm as at the beginning of our journey, wiser and with a significant experience gained alongside our partners” – Ioana Timofte, CEO

We keep our position as the most important Romanian provider of inspection, verification, testing, certification and professional provider of vocational courses.

We follow excellence in our activity through performance, efficiency and efficacy. We are a promoter of long-term partnerships and we want to maintain trust earned and professionalism imposed standards. This thing can not be accomplished without the contribution of the special people who, day by day, through their devotion, seriousness and professionalism which they give, ensure maintaining  high quality services provided by the company.

,,The managerial team, which I lead, is composed of real success people who performed in their inspection and expertise domains, the main force of the team coming from the strategic unity, and development vision according to a stage subject has become invariably the subject of the next stage. The core of the medium-operational level of management is exceptional consisting of many years and professional evolutionary continuity people in their specific domains” – Ioana Timofte, CEO

We are maintaining our high quality services provided in order to honor the responsibility which we have to our clients, and we are coming in front of them with all the seriousness and professionalism necessary for the consolidation of a partnership for safety. We adopt specific strategies, with professional consultancy, the goal being the organization resilience.

We take our responsabilities in a pro-active way, the accent being on predictability and safety, managing in the same way to assimilate ,,black swan” events, by applying reactive feedback measures.

Thank you all and…. Happy birthday CNCIR !