CNCIR celebrates 11 years of operation, in which it has been a constant market leader. Ioana Timofte, General Manager: “It is an achievement that belongs to the company’s professionals, whom I thank for their dedication and professionalism”.

   The National Company for the Control of Boilers, Lifting Installations and Pressure Vessels celebrates, today, 11 years of operation. CNCIR SA is one of the leaders in the certification, testing, inspection and training services market in Romania, being a company with full state capital operating under the authority of the Ministry of Energy, ensuring the safe operation of pressure installations, lifting installations and of fuel consuming appliances.

   On this occasion, the General Manager of CNCIR, Ioana Timofte, stated: “CNCIR provides support to economic operators in all fields of activity in terms of reducing risks, improving efficiency and increasing the performance of facilities and equipment in its field of activity. The activities carried out are recognized and developed through the numerous certifications and accreditations held by the company, which offer our customers the benefits and the guarantee of high quality services. We pursue excellence in business through performance, effectiveness and efficiency. We are a promoter of long-term partnerships and we want to maintain the trust we have gained and the standards of professionalism imposed.

   We have been market leaders for 11 years, we have grown steadily and we will continue to grow. This could not have happened without the professionalism and dedication of CNCIR employees, of whom I am particularly proud and whom I thank on this special day for the company. We are the company that has a very high percentage of employees with higher education, almost 87%, and we are the company that has also managed to maintain a high gender ratio – over 35% of our employees are women. I am proud of each of my colleagues, I wish them good health and thank them for the personal sacrifices they have made to ensure that the activities of our economic partners are safe. We have an important mission in the economic ecosystem and every day we successfully fulfil this mission”.

Information about the company

The company has 8 regional branches with 17 subordinate places of business, distributed evenly throughout the country and over 200 specialists with extensive experience in the field of lifting and mechanical pressure installations.

 Among the directions of the constantly growing company are the works executed by the Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory (DNDTL) of CNCIR S.A., starting with 2020, performs the magneto-inductive MRT examination, on the competitive market, equipped with equipment and accessories for the examination of cable transport installations for persons, such as chairlifts, ski lifts, cable car, as well as industrial installations such as funicular, extraction cable cab, etc. This activity is constantly growing, CNCIR gaining a market share of up to 60% in 2021. This year, DNDTL has added to its equipment for mechanical and technological testing that can meet all the requirements arising in the VTU IE activity (expertise), field in which CNCIR holds all ISCIR authorizations.

 In addition, CNCIR also has significant experience as a professional training provider. The correct identification of the need for continuous training of adults in a dynamic and demanding labour market and the interest for the permanent improvement of the quality of the services provided led, again this year, to the achievement of CNCIR’s objective to constantly develop its services portfolio. Thus, CNCIR SA added to the portfolio of professional training services provided 7 new professional training programs that are addressed to highly qualified specialized technical staff, responsible for providing the activities authorized by ISCIR to pressure and lifting installations.

 CNCIR is the only Romanian company member of the TIC Council (Testing, Inspection and Certification Council), an international organization with over 90 members, whose goal is to inspire worldwide confidence as the voice of the independent testing, inspection and certification industry.

With a tradition in Romania for over a decade, CNCIR S.A. is the reliable partner that wants to continue to offer customers the safe operation of pressure installations/equipment, lifting installations and fuel consuming appliances. The performance of this strategic activity for the national economy has increased year by year through work, seriousness, the development of new business lines and the professionalism of the management and employees.


Ioana Timofte, General Manager of the National Company for the Control of Boilers, Lifting Installations and Pressure Vessels, claims, on the occasion of the National Day – December 1st, that human resources represent the most important value that a state can have and that it must protect it.

“December 1st is not only a National Holiday and an occasion to honor our heroes, those who sacrificed their lives for Romania, but it is also a good time to reflect on the values we want to protect in the future. Nowadays, in this period in which we are facing not only the COVID-19 pandemic, but also a series of systemic readjustments in society and the economy, we see clearly that human resources are the most important value that a state, being also the value that we all have the duty to protect, according to our abilities, day by day. The retention of real specialists, the development of new professionals and the identification of the right place for them to occupy within a company are measures by which we will have not only a more prosperous society, but also a safer country, from all points of view”, said Ioana Timofte.

The General Manager of CNCIR continued: “We need a well-developed battle plan, a national strategy to combat the phenomena of brain drain and deprofessionalization of the industry, phenomena that represent real threats to the economic and social security of a state. I am confident that with the resumption of activity after the holidays of St. Andrew and National Day, we will begin to do what we can to fulfill our mission in this sector of human resources, because we can no longer afford to wait. Global change will also affect our country and we must be prepared. I wish all CNCIR employees and collaborators to enjoy these holidays safely”.

The CNCIR S.A. team announces with regret, today, 12 August 2021, the passing away of Mr. Dan-Ștefan CETACLI, former General Manager of the company. He was a great man, a true specialist and a professional, a man from whom we all learned. May God forgive him and receive him into His Kingdom!

Sincere condolences to the grieving family.

Press conference given by Virgil Popescu, Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment – 25 November 2020, 13.00, CNCIR headquarters

“Hello! Today we are at the National Company for the Control of Pressure Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Lifting Installations (CNCIR), and I will want you to get used to the fact that every week we will hold a press conference with another company. I want to introduce you to the companies that are under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment, companies that have succeeded, that are strong in the market, that are leaders in their field, such as CNCIR. CNCIR is one of the most profitable companies in the portfolio of the ministry, and can be considered a best practice business model. It celebrates 10 years of activity on December 8, and since its establishment until now it has registered a total profit of Lei 186,101,000, at a turnover of Lei 593,898,744. Among the objectives of strategic interest that it has in the administration, in CNCIR verification are reactors 1 and 2 from Cernavodă, and it is not by chance that I want to make this transition to Cernavodă, to the nuclear field; because CNCIR is empowered by law to authorize and carry out verifications for Cernavodă nuclear installations. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that at the end of last week I received from the European Commission the consent to sign the Intergovernmental Agreement between the Government of Romania and the US Government, for the refurbishment of reactor 1, the construction of reactors 3 and 4. That agreement also provides for cooperation in the field of civilian nuclear, including the introduction of new technologies. Basically, as we promised, we are going through this phase of signing and we are actually starting work on reactors 3 and 4. The next step is to establish a consortium with companies from the USA, France and Canada and, obviously, from Romania, because we want a strong local industrial content, and in the following year, at the beginning, the investment decision can be made. Being here at CNCIR, being a company that deals with the verification of sanitary installations, I would like to go a little into this field and tell you that we still have an ongoing control with ANPC in the supervision of the internal market; it is the role of the Ministry of Economy to supervise the internal market, the role of ANPC to see if the rules are followed and I would like to tell you that I am slightly amazed and disappointed by the quality of the masks on the market at the moment. If I told you that half of the masks that are currently on the market, in distribution networks – and here we are talking about hypermarkets, pharmacy networks, warehouses, do not comply with the rules, i.e. do not protect us, maybe you would say that I’m exaggerating, but that’s the reality and I want to give a very clear signal that this must stop. We cannot accept that masks that do not protect the population be put on the market. They were stopped from sale by ANPC inspectors, everything possible was done, fines of 18 million lei were given, at the moment the masks that are on the market are compliant and I want to tell you that absolutely all the masks that they are non-compliant, they are only imported and I want to tell Romanians that we have over 16 companies that produce masks, they have an association of Romanian mask producers, which ensures that they can provide the entire consumption needs of Romania and it is natural to look for Romanian products for that they are licensed, accredited and the best on the market. Retailers of pharmacy networks, even if they have been fined, tell them not to allow the marketing of products that do not comply with the rules. Because this has been seen even at EU level and in addition to the fact that there are sanitary masks, there are protective masks, the third category has appeared: the so-called masks I am talking about and for which, together with ANPC, we will take the decision to issue an order and to state very clearly that these masks do not provide anti-Covid protection. People need to know when they buy, that if this product is on the shelf and is called a mask, it is not a protective mask. This is a message that I want to give to Romanians, to focus on Romanian products, quality products, because they are truly certified and accredited and protect them. I would like to move on to another area, the field of energy and give you information for the first time, yesterday (Tuesday, November 24), I had a meeting with the special administrator of ELCEN and I want to tell you that ELCEN will come out of insolvency. We found the solution, the compensations are made, together with ANAF, Ordinance no.69/2020, so that the penalties to the state budget are cut and ELCEN will come out of insolvency. What does that mean? It means that ELCEN can access funds and start those retrofits. So, together with Bucharest City Hall, because it is about MFP, MEEMA and Bucharest City Hall, this solution was found so that through a wide compensation with MFP and ANAF it can be used GO 69/2020 for extinguishing debts and cutting penalties ELCEN will become a viable company out of insolvency that will be able to move forward. This morning, I had a meeting with Prime Minister Ludovic Orban and those in the HORECA field. You saw that they came out to make statements, you saw that we kept our word. We have launched a notification for the State aid scheme to the Competition Council to leave for Brussels. This is 20% state aid for the losses suffered at the level of turnover for the year 2020 compared to 2019. Things will be very simple, they will not be complicated, we are evaluating the turnover of 2019, we are evaluating the turnover of 2020, related to the authorized NACE codes and not the entire turnover of a company that can have several NACE codes and not just from HORECA. State aid represents 20%; those from HORECA left satisfied, we keep our word. The draft Emergency Ordinance will be analyzed at first reading, most likely at the first Government meeting, which I believe will be this week. In the project we will detail the state aid scheme and it will come into force. It will have a suspension clause – just when the scheme is approved by the European Commission. I said last time that I would like to give a shorter conference; it was a long one because I had to present a balance sheet of the whole ministry, it is a very big ministry. I look forward to your questions on any topic you want!”